With eyes open I was having a dream

New Zealand – Auckland / Never in my life would I have pictured myself venturing out to New Zealand. As somebody, who is wildly conflicted about her own place in the world, any place that would require a pre-approved visa upon entry, I had become shy of even daydreams involving foreign lands. You see, the biggest misconceptions about me to this date are that I “probably” live off a trust fund and “probably” have a first world passport – neither of which, is true. That said, I think these hurdles thoroughly ground me, and I am able to appreciate every travel-blessing with my full attention and gratitude.

We arrived in NZ and were instantly met with weird weather – because we are lucky like that – and so my exclamations were marred with whimperings of “It’s freezing!” from the get-go. I am asian, it is what I do. No judgement. My lovely cousin and her family gave us a little tour around Auckland, where our arrival was vicariously celebrated with amazing beer-laden dinners followed shortly with a bill containing first world prices, reminding us that we were no longer in Kansas, if you know what I mean. This fact sank in most positively when I was met with a supermarket full of fresh produce, and just like that, I was in love. Anyone who knows me, knows how much I love supermarkets, and this is also why I have no photos of the many supermarkets I have explored – my hands were always too busy grabbing things and swiping cards like an overexcited third world child.

We visited Piha and some nearby waterfalls, and I got very excited about these, not realizing it would be the first of many, many waterfalls we would encounter on this trip, over which, I never ceased to stop showing my unbridled excitement, which I am sure my short term memory issues is to blame for. I took so many photos on this trip, so bear with me, as I am seriously struggling to figure out how to divide them into posts. As I am sure you are sick of my blabbing at this point, I will just leave you with these images of Piha and Kitekite – and dinner. Because I am asian, and we like to photograph our dinners.

PS: Once everything NZ related is up, I am thinking about punishing you guys with a Vlog (hahaha sorry) and so if you have any NZ or non-NZ related questions, be sure to leave it in a comment below.



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9 thoughts on “With eyes open I was having a dream

  1. I hear you about the visa woes. That seems to be a constant in my Third World life, too.

    Also, I echo the above sentiment. It’s good to see you writing again. Blogs that actually have something to say seem to be a dying breed.

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    1. Isn’t it?! But it does serve as a gentle reminder that we shouldn’t take our freedoms for granted – most days I try to remind myself of that, in an effort to focus on the pros rather than the cons. And thank you and yes – I seem to have resumed my old rambling ways but its my most honest me and I wouldn’t have it any other way! Thank you for the love XO


  2. Your travel photos makes me think more about this life. Whenever I’m tired and stuck in the office, I always look at you blog. This makes me happy in many ways. Thank you! BTW I’m a fan. xx

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